About tattoos

Recently, I have read a lot of articles about tattoos. I wanted to give a personal thought about this very subject, as it is something that I have been struggling with for a long time and for a lot of reasons. I am once again my own paradox when it comes to tattoos and you will see why in a minute.

I wanted to illustrate this article and while I was looking through my pictures file I noticed I had almost no picture with tattooed people! Well, I had one picture. A sort of a cabaret girl, all glamourous and stuff. I am not even sure her tattoos are real but that is not the point.


Can not figure out the source

Discovering that I was not instinctively attracted by tattooed people, as my pictures file was suggesting me, I was first very surprised and then I started to think. Think about what we call my “own definition of beauty” and about the people who inspire me the most. We all have somewhere in us an ideal of beauty. When I look in my deep self, I see that beauty always had something to do with the “natural side”. I found myself being very inspired by the XIXth century and all the romantics painters and writers ; I love impressionism, watercolor, purity in its truly meaning. Beauty in my mind is deeply associate with long hair and naked feet, sand and salt, black lashes and morning dew. My inconsciousness appears to be very traditional and I guess it is because my vision of beauty seeks for a return at the Golden Age when the body and the soul were all naked, literally speaking.

HJD: Pearls of Aphrodite

Pearls of Aphrodite, Herbert James Draper

I had to go trough this before I tell you what I think about tattoos because it probably explains a lot.

As you might NOT tell yet, I like tattoos. I do. Tattoos are a way to express our vision of aesthetic in our own body (well, not in every cases but I am not talking about the “I-m-drunk-I-want-a-tattoo-who-says-shitty-me-love-boobies”) and I respect everyone who made the choice to be tattooed. I see it as an act of creation and there is nothing wrong in being creative, right? I should then say : that is where the troubles begin. So many people have tattoos because it is fashionable, because they think they will look cooler with one or two, because they saw a nice one on pinterest… Come on! Tattoos should liberate your own self and your personality, not be a gold cage to become like everybody else. Someone confident, smart, funny will always be beautiful, with or without a tattoo to me. And if the tattoo is original and personal, this person might be even more beautiful to certain people. Tattoos are like make-up: there are not here to hide a part of you but to embrace your own beauty and reveal what is already beautiful in you. I know it sounds naive but I truly believe it. I specially like Colines tattoos: it is subtil, well designed and beautifully done. As for Rihanna, her tattoos are an extension of her bling-bling yet sporty style and I find it very sexy and with a strong credibility.


Credit Etpourquoipascoline


I myself thought about getting tattooed, specially in high school but I probably knew it was not something I really needed. I like my body with his natural scares and I do not feel the need anymore to add extra marks. But we never know… I do think it can be too much sometimes but once again, I totally understand that some people find it aesthetically attractive. What I do not understand is the speech who says “people with tattoos will regret it someday”: do you really believe they did not think about it and that it is a spontaneaous decision? It surely can be but all my friends who have tattoos do not feel any regret. The body is a piece of art in itself, do not forget it.

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