There is something about him

Yesterday, sitting in the living room, I heard a song coming through my flatmate’s bedroom. A slow and deep melody, a simple composition but oh! how powerful. I instantly started to shiver, knowing that she was listening to an artist I absolutely adore and also because the song showed me one more time how intense music can be. It says how strong Frank Ocean is: he has the ability to bring people together. My flatmate and I discovered this mutual passion for the guy and we ended up talking about him, his music, his sensibility, our feelings, spirituality and the meaning of life. Truly. And it all started with a song.

I mean, when he sings, he really talks to our soul, doesn’t he? When you listen to him, you can tell that his music has an universality; his stories become suddendly yours and his experiences become symbols. You can be a rocker fan, a Joan Baez groupie, a classical melomaniac: you could still fall in love with Frank Ocean’s music. Because he has something every artist will die to have: an authenticity. He does not fake it and people can feel it through his words and voice. We are no fool and Frank knows it. It is not only about his melodies, which I find absolutely brillant, but also about his lyrics. Mainly sad, sometimes sweet, oftenly filled by pain impulses, there are everything but stupid. Melancholy, hope, friendship, love, life; he does it all.

His soul seems to be as beautiful as his last name: deep, blue, obscure and infinite.

Frank, we sure are thinking about you.


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