Color of the world

iron_and_wine_originalCredit Jeremy Cowart

Iron & Wine, aka Samuel Beam, is an American composer, song-writer and singer. He looks like a big teddy bear and his voice is smooth and delightful and you can easily picture him sitting in a rocking-chair while composing his next song. His music is perfect in the morning with a cup of tea and a shy ray of light, during lunch time with a tomato salad, in the evening surrounded by a peaceful sunset. Or take him in a road trip to experience this sweet feeling we call freedom. Iron & Wine’s music tastes like lemonade, smells like an old bouquet of colorful flowers and looks like a watercolour painting. He is also a great poet. If you do not believe me, here are the lyrics of the song called “Swans and the Swimming”:

“Take me again,” she said, thinking of him
“To the pond with the swans and the swimming”
Far from his room the familiar perfume
How it felt to her when she was naked
Lessons she learned when her memory slurs
As they marvel with love at the sunset
Walking away at the dark end of day
She will measure and break like a habit
Oh how the rain sounds as light as a lover’s word
And now and again she’s afraid when the sun returns
“Take me again,” she said, thinking of him
“I don’t care for this careful behavior”
A brush through her hair, children kissing upstairs
Keeps her up with her want for her savior
The sun on the sand, on her knees and her hands
As she begs for her fish from the water
But turn them away, she’s a whip and a slave
Given time she may find something better
Oh how the rain sounds as loud as a lover’s words
And now and again she’s afraid when the sun returns


My number one favourite song is “House by the sea”, followed by “Grass widows”, “Such great heights”, “Love and some verses” or the famous “Boy with a coin”. Aren’t these lovely titles?! Go listen to his music, you will not regret it. After that, if you want to lay down in the soft green grass, I will totally understand why… and might even join you. By the way, he is signed by Sub Pop Records. Yes, Nirvana’s label, just that.

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