Miroslava: so fresh & so clean

I know. I know every fashion blog has a post about the russian style guru Miroslava Duma but I think she deserves this attention. Isn’t she lovely?


Her style is always very calculated ; she likes to play with texture, differences of structure, add strong pieces (a funny necklace, a big belt, an original pattern) but it almost never is “too much” for the simple reason that this woman (or her personal stylist) has great taste. She is one of these girl who can wear anything and look stunning, don’t know how, don’t know why. Or maybe is it because of her perfect young looking face and her fine figure? She is more than pretty, no doubt about it.


Generally, her make up is glowy, natural, focus on her big and long black lashes, with nude lips and pinky cheeks. Sometimes, she will wear a dark red lipstick and with a face like hers, it is just as georgeous as the casual makeup she usually wears. And oh heaven, look at these freckles! So adorable!


A mature woman caught in the body of a teenage girl, that is what she is. Perfection you say? I guess she is, regarding of her inspiring carreer (she is currently the Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor)  and radiant personal life.  Some women are just too good to be true, and we are not even jealous of them. Well… almost not.


And what a mischievous smile. How refreshing!


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