The perfect husband

Today is all about creating the dream husband we all wish for. We are going to give life to our perfect husband through characters from movies (you could also put Leonardo Dicaprios characters all in one, that will work). I wanted to make this clear : you are looking for a husband-for-life, not a boyfriend-for-fun. Let’s go!

First of all, you need a genuinely nice guy, with an inherent sense of morality and deep values. A good education is a plus. His style has to be casual, as you do not want your friends to think you are married to a clown. Someone like Joel in Eternal sunshine in a spotless mind.


Let’s add some craziness. The problem with Joel is that he is a bit boring and we all know that women need some adventures in their life! Your husband has to be a romantic guy, a dreamer, a sensitive buddy inspired by your beauty and your beautiful soul. He will write poems about you, will cook sweet chocolate cookies for you, will take your hands in the streets just because it makes him happy like Tom in 500 Days of Summer. I know he is in a way sensible but love makes him do spontaneous things and that is all you need to know.


Then of course, your husband has to be smart. I mean, really smart. Not a “I have a degree” smart but more a “I have a PhD and was able to speak before I was one year old” smart. A man like John in A Beautiful Mind should be good to shine in society.


Intelligence is ok, but you need to feel you are protected by your man, right? That is why your husband needs to be strong and ready to fight for you. The world is a dangerous place and he should be able to make you feel that “everything is gonna be alright” and that nothing is going to happen to you, because he will always be there, no matter what. A real man full of virility, a G.I, a Gerry in World war Z.


Adventures are good but not everyday. That is, if you plan to have a quiet family week-end in a cottage, your husband needs to know how to relax and do nothing but hanging around in pyjamas and eat ice cream on the couch. Laziness is quite enjoyable, specially if you are going to be together until the end of your existences. The Dude in Big Lebowski does the trick. According to the picture, he might go to the groceries without you, wich can be a very good point.

the BigL

Finally, what is life without sex? Your almost perfect husband should have a last great skill on his list : he has to be a good, a wonderful, a magnificent lover. I see only one guy to  embellish the picture : Brandon from Shame.


I wish you all the best to find your perfect husband and in case you already found him, lucky you. I probably missed some skills, feel free to correct me and add some wonderful abilities to this list because we women are never satistied. Yeah!

PS1: I now speak for myself but a beard and nice hair are qualities to consider.

PS2: This is NOT a sarcastic post. I repeat, this is NOT a sarcastic post.

4 thoughts on “The perfect husband

  1. Lol at the comment above!! I get the “SHAME” reference, but he is such a great actor! I totally understand him being in this post!


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