Trend: an history of “élégance” in pop culture

Dear Miley,

I wish you were born french. I would have been so proud to see that even in 2013, women still have a clue what “élégance” means.  It appears that style and class are now American things, too bad for us, french people. Anyway, today is all about you because you became the new role modele of every girl out there: let’s forget Beyonce, you are so much more classier than she is.


Credit Jen Lewis

Miley, you are such a woman. When you are twerking, I feel like God is speaking to me. It is a spitirual experience. Some people might not see that but I do: you are on earth to give a message. “Let’s stay classy” seem to scream your eyes and your tongue while you are twerking like crazy, “let’s stay classy, bitches!”. And we are all loving it, don’t we?


Why people have to be so mean? Don’t you see she is just a new kind of messiah? She understands the 21th century: using the medias and creating a buzz is the best way to deliver a message. She is doing a self-sacrifice, who can blame her for that? I bet her next step is to write a thesis about how the world is a cruel place for women and how she sees herself as the voice of her generation.


Miley inspired by the Christ


You showed us that feminism was not dead: by embracing your sexuality and being shameless in front of the all world, we all finally understood that being a women was to expose ourselves wih male attributes (cf the fake hand held as a willy during the VMAs) and twerking with passion, because dignity is just a word and who cares about words? You have a fight to have and a lesson to give, you can not waste your time with thinking about what you are exactly doing. Lots of people respect you for the deep speech you are giving underneath the “show off” aspect of your performance, I tell you that.


Dear Miley, you certainly are a new role modele. You are so inspiring and classy even half naked on stage, how do you do that? We have to move forward and realize that you are now an emancipate and mature grown up woman trying to break that image of a lovely and prude young little girl you were in Hannah Montana. Applause. Finally, we know people are not original: they are just doing exactly what your are doing ( but anyway, we all know you are The First and there is no need to say more. Well maybe there is.

If you are not Miley, please girls do not try to twerk. Please. I beg you.  twerktwerkIt is for your own safety, sanity and dignity. Thank you.

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