A few days ago, a friend of mine bought a book called Dieu rend visite à Newton, literally God visits Newton, only available in french I am afraid.  You should take a look at the publishing house though, they have really nice and original books http://www.chemindefer.org/index.html. This friend showed me her new book and thanks to her because it was a revelation! I totally melt for it, specially the illustrations made by Mélanie Delattre-Vogt, a french artist who likes to collect teeth. She is as unique as her drawings. Check her work here http://www.delattrevogt.com/DESSINS.html


In another style -you might have heard of her via tumblr, etsy or pinterest- I like the fresh, young and colorful world of the british artist Sandra Dieckmann. Here is her website http://sandradieckmann.com/ Two girls, two worlds, one passion. I am in love with both of them.






Just discovered the incredible work of Carne Griffiths, based in London. He is “an amazingly creative artist who uses drinks like tea, brandy or vodka to create unique colors for his drawings”. How awesome is that?! http://carnegriff.wordpress.com/


This piece is worked in brown havana ink with blue waterman ink, tea and water on stretched bockingford watercolour paper.”




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