“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”

* These images are made by using black and white pictures with a mirror effect to which the artist adds painting. The result is something peaceful, soft and timeless; nothing fancy but it made quite an impression on me. Fabienne Rivory‘s work can be seen here http://cargocollective.com/labokoff

FR FR1 FR2 FR3* Ana Teresa Barboza is a complete Peruvian artist, doing sculpture, photography, drawing, sewing and embroidery. Human body interacting with animals is her main focus : relationship between the human and nature is often aggressive, disturbing and exaggerated by this combinaison of various materials and textures. Her website http://anateresabarboza.blogspot.dk/

Ana Teresa Barboza -3




* Love the concept of Alexander Korzer-Robinson‘s work. He “deletes” all the white spaces and the texts in books (old encyclopedias or child books etc…) to keep only the illustrations and create a new story. http://www.alexanderkorzerrobinson.co.uk/portfolio





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