Where the heck is Paris?


      I used to come to Paris as a tourist all my life. Due to professionnal reasons, I had to stay here during three months and experienced the real parisian life, as a french girl working (well, “doing an internship” is more correct) in the capital of France. I am not here today to talk about the good sides or the bad sides about living in Paris: in both cases, I would have many things to say and it would be too long. I am here today because something really bothers me. It crossed my mind that many blogs, especially fashion or beauty blogs, are “based” in Paris. These fashion blogs belong to girls or women living in the city. They write about their lives here or they take pictures of it. I am also referring to any “street style blog”, such as Garance Doré, Vanessa Jackman, Jak & Jil, Carolines Mode and so on. Do not get me wrong, I like them. I find them very inspirational, I used to follow them at least once a week. Furthermore, Lady Paris has got a long past and a rich history; she is the city of love and of fashion and I understand the fantasy she inspires. It is normal yet, a fantasy.

That said, to every girl out there, dreaming about a parisian life behind her computer, I wish to tell her: the Paris you see in these blog does not exist. The Paris you think you feel is not real. This Paris is just pictures, images, shiny unrealistic stars. Indeed, I like very much fashion blogs but they are what they are: fashion blogs. Everything is well put together and has got a certain point of view.


Let me rephrase it: the Paris in these blogs might be real. Maybe. But probably not for you, or not yet. This Paris is real for 0,00001 percent of people, a minority hidden in a limousine behind a big glass of champagne at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Almost not kidding. Seriously, who lives that kind of life, except very rich and well born people? Paris is not just the Fashion Week, Paris is not just beautiful people drinking their starbucks on the way to a vernissage. In three months here, I have not seen once the Paris I am watching when I look at these fashion blogs.

Of course, you might see models walking in the streets, pretty and well dressed people, lovely clothes, chanel bags owned by some random girl with a sad face, nice doors made of wood and if you are lucky enough, you might even be invited to a party in a designed apartment with an indoor pool in the 7th arrondissement. But still. When you do not have the money to sleep at the Ritz, Paris is a real city. Lady Paris can stink (and it happens a lot). Not some utopic place where only rich people are living. So please, do not think the Paris you see through fashion blogs is the Paris you are going to meet when you come here. You might be disappointed. Paris is something else, something beautiful but not in that way. Once again, I respect the people who show you this side of Paris. Just be aware you will have to find your own Paris when you will meet the city. Or watch Ratatouille by Studio Pixar before your trip.


All pictures by http://jakandjil.com/ , http://misspandora.fr/ , http://karlascloset.com/


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