Enough is enough

The other day was the day I decided to stop reading stupid magazines. I made up my mind. For my own sanity.

A few weeks ago, I was in holidays and I bought some girls magazines, in order to read them on the beach with a beer (and not a mojito sorry). Let me tell you: I was amazed by the stupidity of their “contents” (publicity, publicity, empty articles, buy me buy me, ugly fashion style) like never before. I am talking about regular magazines -not specific fashion and beautiful magazines, which exist- such as Glam…, Cosmopo…, Graz.. etc

I almost felt insulted in my feminity and my girl-next-door-kind-of-life. There is so much to say about the way they treat you (like you have NO BRAIN at all and you are ready to spend 200 euros in a facial creme) but instead of waisting my time, I just decided to quit. Bye bye. You will never see me again. Internet and blogs are free and when they talk bullshit, I can decide to open a new link. The crisis of  womens magazines? Well, no surprise, you have to look at the content to understand why… Wake up, press editors!

How do you satisfy your loving of fashion/beauty? Youtube channels? Online magazines? New kind of magazines?

octobre-summerThe last picture of me reading a dumb article, I swear

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