The perfect day (shallow edition)

Hopefully we all have different tastes, passions or dreams. For instance, I certainly do not get why people find Kim Kardashian attractive but that is another subject. Despite these differences, here is a kind of day that could make (almost) any female happy. We all deserve a bit of happiness in this sad sick stupid un-sensual world.


1. You wake up surrounded by your favorite people (could be a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a dog, your mom or dad -although the last one is a bit weird if you are older than 13 years old-.)

2. Breakfast is all served and looks like a Sofia Coppola’s movie, except that you won’t have any indigestion at the end of it.

3. No matter how long your bath is, you are not running late. On the street, a few people start to smile just by looking at your charisma and your natural beauty. You are so fresh. It is like you do not even try.

4. At work, your boss decides to give you a day off “because you did such a great job last week, you deserve a break. Here is a fund-raising we did in your honour *giving you a big amount of money* because we think you are a wonderful colleague”. Of course, you are a talented young woman.

5. Shopping is so boring, you decide to spend your money on Amazon (buying books makes you feel smart and today, you really intend to read them.) The rest of the raising goes to this accordionist that plays everyday in front of the Japanese restaurant you usually go for lunch. That makes you feel very proud.

6. You bump into your ex. Depending on your experience and personality, you have two options: he became fat and ugly and that makes you feel good. He is still hot but you became even higher in the level of success and that makes you feel good.

7. Your phone rings. A famous publishing house finally wants to publish your memoirs. That was about time.

8. On your way home, you hear on the radio that it was just a myth: Heath Ledger is still alive.

9. and he is waiting for you in your living room (alone or with your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/mom/dad.) Do what you want with this information.

10. At the end of the day, you noticed you lost a few pounds / gained muscles (depending on your fitness goals) by smiling too much.

The best part? This was not just a dream.


Illustrations Tina Berning

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