Brand of the day: LWTO

I really like the visual presentation of the brand LWTO, as well as the clothes.


Linda Wiesner And Tabitha Osler met while studying at the Royal Fashion Academy in Antwerp and founded LWTO shortly after.

They recognized a natural yet powerful harmony between their core values of sustainability and preservation of craftsmanship, and chose to instill this in a brand of well crafted, elegant knitwear.

Their concept is to create a collection inspired by a location, and informed by the traditional practices and trades of that region.

With their latest collection based around Portugal, we see LWTO adopt the bold colour contrasts and repetitive patterning of Portuguese tiles into their designs. LWTO recognizes that collaboration is more of a conversation than a lecture, so they completed the process by commissioning a local tiler to create traditional tiles embossed with LWTO designs.

Craftsmanship and quality are respected and key.  She looks for pieces that are unique and long lasting, that will adapt with her world as she moves through it.







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