Girl’s crush

This crush is a special one as we are going back in time.

Back in 2002, R’n’B was really cool and was the most popular type of music: Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Usher, R. Kelly and of course Aaliyah (whom died in 2001 without me knowing her existence until then) were huge. Justin Timberlake also released the song “Cry Me A River” in 2002, big time. Timbaland was a big deal. I am just drawing a little background here, to help you visualize in what kind of world we were living. 

So we are in 2002, I am thirteen years old and I just moved in another high school. I am meeting some awesome friends. One of them totally is a R’n’B fan (and loves Michael Jackson too). Soon I followed her into this parallel and new Universe, as I was just listening to old french singers, classical music, piano and a bit of world or pop music.

One day, I am hearing Fallin, from Alicia Keys. And I see a picture of her. And a clip.



Let me tell you I completely fell for her (didn’t we all?): her face was everthing I liked and she was just too cool, too beautiful with these braids and her piano. The song was great, with her soft yet powerful voice and this awesome voice choir. And the piano.

Photo of Alicia KEYS




Afterwards, I never really became a big fan (I did like her collaborations with E.V.E, another cool girl) although I have to say she is a great singer. 

But I never forgot her face and this song, Fallin

Today I saw this picture on the internet (she is releasing a new album), which reminded me how beautiful she was – and still is


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