Music at home

Dear everyone,

I hope everything is going well for you, considering the situation. Today, I wanted to share with you a little playlist I started. Some songs I have been loving for a long time or that I just discovered. All songs are (kind of but not only) reunited under a big theme: being confined. Maybe this playlist will give you some inspiration and will bring you as much joy as it does for me.

I hope you find the energy to embrace it and that the place you’re in is a good place to be.

Music “confilist”



Hot Sugar

Hot Sugar (aka Nick Koenig)‘s music is not as sweet as his name although there is some fruity feeling coming out of it. It seems that my English is too poor to express what I feel like when I listen to it because it is a full experience where the five senses are summoned.

In a 2015 interview with NPR, he described associative music as “try[ing] to capture sounds the same way a photographer would capture an image: If something looks poetic, I’ll record it”

So much beauty to see, to hear, to touch (synesthesia involved.) So many colors, explosions of joy, of sadness, of vulnerability, of power; it’s insanely well composed and authentic. I could not choose one song. Sit down or and just listen to the whole albums God’s Hand (2015) & The Melody of Dust (2017). 


Here are a few comments I found under his youtube videos :

“this makes me feel a deep unsettling happiness like falling forever into a purple ocean”

“this makes me think of what kind of music stars would make and a warm night on a beach with a lover”

“this makes me cry. why though?”

“painting with watercolours to this right now feels like the droplets of pigment are absorbing a little bit of this musical masterpiece”

“I’m dreaming ? Or this album is 2 good for this world ?”

“This just changed my life… again.”


You see, the internet can be a happy, genuine, benevolent, lovely place when, in a middle of nowhere, something really beautiful and powerful pops out. Thank you Hot Sugar for your contribution to make the world a better place.

Please, give me another cup of Hot Sugar.

That band I shall always love…

No matter how mainstream it became.



A few weeks ago, my sister (she is 13 years old) and I were surfing the net together when a picture of Kurt Cobain came up. “Hey isnt’it Nirvana? Soooo mainstream!!” she said. I looked at her, speechless. I have to say the word “mainstream” in her mouth sounded really pejorative. My heart just broke. “Why are you saying that?  -Well, this band is everywhere: t-shirt, bags, pins… Everybody knows it.”

Wait a minute.

I explained to her that before becoming this hudge industry, Nirvana was a band. It means these three guys made music, and a pretty good one. “All these people that got something with this famous smiley or a picture of the band, do you think they know their music? I asked. -Not sure, I guess not. But we know the visual, she said.”


That was my fear. Seeing Nirvana becoming a brand, a logo, does not bother me that much because it means they are famous and I genuinely believe they deserve to be listened over and over. Sadly, it appears that one can have one without the other.


Being 26, I was too young to live the exciting time when Nirvana exploded. Although I spent my teenage years, like most of my generation, listening to Kurt Cobain in my room, singing with him, crying with him. That is why I wish we would learn to appreciate again how honest and passionate they were, before putting a pin on a jacket. We must not forget that in a way, this fame and craziness killed Kurt, because he could not handle it, and for that he deserves to be heard.


Kurt by Steve Gullick

Next time I see my sister, I am going to give her a CD (yes a CD, probably the old one I customised back in the days) and will ask her to forget about the mainstream spirit that goes along in order to focus on the music.


Kurt by Mark Seliger

Music I did not know before and now I do

  • Why did nobody tell me about Princess Chelsea? She is indeed a princess but obviously from another planet. I love her world and the very poetic videos that goes along with her songs. It seems that she already is famous in New-Zealand, where she comes from, and that she likes monkeys.

  • Molly Nilsson’s music is perfect on many occasions: while you are cooking, reading, drawing, crying, walking in the forest, after a bad interview, while you are lost in a city, after a party when you finally are alone. Molly Nilsson’s music is like a magical time travel through the unkown. Go for it.

  • In 2015, I listened to this song a million times. At least. You should try. It is going to make you very happy and tranform you into an ultimate warlord, ready to fight bad vibrations. My advice: turn the music up baby.



Commentaries worth the hype

If you are interested in pop culture, pop music, fame, success, bad choices, cult of appearance and so on, you might read the excellent article about “The Slow and Bitter End of Lady Gaga’s Career” by Kat George. Well written and well analyzed, it explains a lot about Gaga’s perdition in term of “music career”. Please keep in mind that she is currently focusing on her love life and emotional blooming with Beau Taylor Kinney. I secretly hope it is going to end badly, giving her the ressource to create (and be good) again.

Time for a smart cinema review with “A Movie About Luciferian Philosophy”. “Lucy” is certainly not what I would call a “good movie”. After all it is a Besson movie, give him a break, it is knowingly made to entertain the audience, with a superficial reflexion about humanity, moral values (Morgan Freeman hello!) and some actions scenes. That is what we like -or dislike- about it. However, it was fun to read another kind of point of view, far from the “good” or “bad” kind of review.