Pregnancy tips


Obvious pregnancy tips

As I am in the middle of my second trimester, I thought I would share some tips. Nothing unexpected or that you have never heard before but I can see it is working for me or at least until now. It is helping me to stay healthy and relax during this special time.

  • Your body is changing and you can get tired very quickly so one advice: take it easy ! Don’t rush, don’t push yourself too hard especially at work. You are now breathing for two, it can be exhausting.  On the other hand, you can sometimes feel a lot of energy within yourself. Take advantage of these days to do yoga or to go swimming. It is good in every way: body, mind, spirit. Being slow does not mean being inactive.
  • Eat clean. Although I tend to eat as clean as I can (I am not perfect), I also never restrain myself. Variety is the key. No meat or fish for me but I am used to do so since I am fifteen. There is not one single rule when it comes to food. Except maybe no alcohol and listening (at least considering it) what your doctor tells you.
  • Follow an easy and simple routine. I never wear a lot of makeup but I am trying to focus on the quality of my skin. Dry skin is never confortable so I use a body cream (odorless) more than usual. After the first semester, your hair won’t need a lot of caring: the hormones make them grow faster and less oily that is why I tend to keep a very minimalist routine.
  • Love yourself. Your baby will thank you and your partner will love you even more. It will help you going through the pregnancy, no doubt. Obviously, you will gain some weight but it is for a good cause, it is better not to care too much as long as you are healthy.


  • Read as much as possible! Having a brain activity is so important. Essays, fiction, non-fiction, books about pregnancy… Whatever. The point is to stimulate your imagination, your critical thinking, to get informations and a lot more.


  • I know, I said to take it easy. But being pregnant also means that you have a lot of administrative procedures to do, documents to fill in and appointments to attend. I am very very bad at doing these things but since september I try to do it on time because I am no longer on my own. Yes it is boring and not fun but it is for the best. Getting stuff done is important.


  • I never thought I would be pregnant while living in Paris, I always thought I would be in the countryside. I need fresh air, trees, long walk in the forest or just being surrounded by silence or the singing of the birds. Observing nature is necessary if I want to stay positive. I know I should go more in parcs or force myself to escape the city even a few hours…

Above all, I believe the key is to listen to yourself and your body. Make some small changes in your everyday life if you feel the need but nothing too dramatic. Try to avoid stressful situations and take care of yourself. And as my doctor said “you’re pregnant, not sick.”

PS: Happy birthday my love.


Two hours in a museum.

Le Consortium  is a contemporary art centre located in Dijon (France).

Its aims are the production and the exhibition of contemporary works, the enrichment of public heritage, and the promotion, the distribution and education as regards the arts and the ideas of today.

Another purpose of the Consortium is experimentation and reflection on the field of cultural engineering, and to manage cultural and artistic projects regarding new art forms.

Until the 5th of june, you can see “L’Almanach 16”. Without a specific topic and eighteen worldwide artists, this exhibition reflects the diversity of our present practices (videos, paintings, scultpures, installations…)


Artists: Ashley BickertonAngela BullochShirley JaffePierre JosephSeung Taek LeeTobias MadisonMathieu MaloufLucy McKenzieLaura OwensEduardo PaolozziGeorges PelletierAlessandro PessoliAuguste PointelinRaphaël (d’après)Claude RutaultDidier VermeirenJulia WachtelPeter Wächtler.

Commentaries worth the hype

If you are interested in pop culture, pop music, fame, success, bad choices, cult of appearance and so on, you might read the excellent article about “The Slow and Bitter End of Lady Gaga’s Career” by Kat George. Well written and well analyzed, it explains a lot about Gaga’s perdition in term of “music career”. Please keep in mind that she is currently focusing on her love life and emotional blooming with Beau Taylor Kinney. I secretly hope it is going to end badly, giving her the ressource to create (and be good) again.

Time for a smart cinema review with “A Movie About Luciferian Philosophy”. “Lucy” is certainly not what I would call a “good movie”. After all it is a Besson movie, give him a break, it is knowingly made to entertain the audience, with a superficial reflexion about humanity, moral values (Morgan Freeman hello!) and some actions scenes. That is what we like -or dislike- about it. However, it was fun to read another kind of point of view, far from the “good” or “bad” kind of review. 

Things I miss… and things I don’t.

In 2014, I had the chance to live in Paris and Geneva (which I did not talk about because Geneva, as beautiful as she is, is a quite boring city to live in). 2015 began in Germany, a country I always particularly cherished. As I did my Erasmus year in Germany a few years ago, I like to think I am pretty familiar with the German-way-of-life, although I am still amazed by it.

Today I wanted to share with you the few things I sometimes miss about France while living in Germany… and some things I really do not miss.

  • Things I miss

1) La “french” baguette. No surprise at all. One week ago, a friend of mine came and we wanted to eat a fatty-yet-yummy breakfast. I have to say, all these “brötchen” are damn good but a breakfast without a typical french baguette and some salted butter is like a life without love: empty in the belly.

2) The language. The language barrier exists. Do not get me wrong, I love hearing german (talking is a bit harder for me) and I do not miss that much french language. I would say I understand 80% of what I hear in my good days, but still. Usually, when I have something in my mind that I judge too hard to translate and to say, I prefer not to say anything, which can be quite frustrating.

3) Private jokes and cultural references. Now, these are things any expat can rely on. Each country and each generation have their own references, pop culture or not, and sometimes you can feel alone and misunderstood when there is no way people are going to get the things you are talking about. I guess being a truly successfully expatriate would be to stop missing it in every conversation you have -and to embrace the cultural references of the country you now live in- and it surely takes some time. The cynical sense of humor is also very french but germans can have it as well, it depends on the people you are with. Anyway, “l’humour noir” is sometimes very depressing so I can live without it. A few days. If not, I would call a french friend to have a little bit of it.

4) Flirting. Even if I have a wonderful boyfriend and it does not bother me, it can be nice to feel seduced just for the conventional and funny act of it. Germany seems to be a not-so-passionate country and as a french friend of mine likes to repeat, “Eh ben les allemands c’est pas eux qu’ont inventé la passion…”. I am not sure I totally agree but it is not completely false neither… I guess about that, France has always been and always will be one of a kind. For good and for worse.


  • Things I don’t miss

1) La baguette. In every day life, dark or cereals bread is so much better than white bread. My body feels a lot better since I stopped eating white bread to every meal. Germany makes the best bread ever and I am the happiest girl in the world. Also, Germans have bretzels and for that, I would never be grateful enough.

2) The beer prices. To give you an idea: 7 eur. for two pints in a pub, while it would be the price for one beer in Paris (although Paris is extrem, I concur).

3) Grouchy and angry people. The average normal boring french people usually are grumpy and always complaining about stuffs, even when we do not want to hear or care about. Germans are much more stoic and do not share their inner feelings so easily. In a way, I find them more respectful towards others but again, that is my opinion.

4) Flirting. French guys can be annoying. Really annoying. At the end, it is a 50/50 but let me tell you that somehow, I usually feel better when I am in Germany. Could it be possible that I have found what Germans call my “Heimat” (the place you feel at home)?