Pregnancy tips


Obvious pregnancy tips

As I am in the middle of my second trimester, I thought I would share some tips. Nothing unexpected or that you have never heard before but I can see it is working for me or at least until now. It is helping me to stay healthy and relax during this special time.

  • Your body is changing and you can get tired very quickly so one advice: take it easy ! Don’t rush, don’t push yourself too hard especially at work. You are now breathing for two, it can be exhausting.  On the other hand, you can sometimes feel a lot of energy within yourself. Take advantage of these days to do yoga or to go swimming. It is good in every way: body, mind, spirit. Being slow does not mean being inactive.
  • Eat clean. Although I tend to eat as clean as I can (I am not perfect), I also never restrain myself. Variety is the key. No meat or fish for me but I am used to do so since I am fifteen. There is not one single rule when it comes to food. Except maybe no alcohol and listening (at least considering it) what your doctor tells you.
  • Follow an easy and simple routine. I never wear a lot of makeup but I am trying to focus on the quality of my skin. Dry skin is never confortable so I use a body cream (odorless) more than usual. After the first semester, your hair won’t need a lot of caring: the hormones make them grow faster and less oily that is why I tend to keep a very minimalist routine.
  • Love yourself. Your baby will thank you and your partner will love you even more. It will help you going through the pregnancy, no doubt. Obviously, you will gain some weight but it is for a good cause, it is better not to care too much as long as you are healthy.


  • Read as much as possible! Having a brain activity is so important. Essays, fiction, non-fiction, books about pregnancy… Whatever. The point is to stimulate your imagination, your critical thinking, to get informations and a lot more.


  • I know, I said to take it easy. But being pregnant also means that you have a lot of administrative procedures to do, documents to fill in and appointments to attend. I am very very bad at doing these things but since september I try to do it on time because I am no longer on my own. Yes it is boring and not fun but it is for the best. Getting stuff done is important.


  • I never thought I would be pregnant while living in Paris, I always thought I would be in the countryside. I need fresh air, trees, long walk in the forest or just being surrounded by silence or the singing of the birds. Observing nature is necessary if I want to stay positive. I know I should go more in parcs or force myself to escape the city even a few hours…

Above all, I believe the key is to listen to yourself and your body. Make some small changes in your everyday life if you feel the need but nothing too dramatic. Try to avoid stressful situations and take care of yourself. And as my doctor said “you’re pregnant, not sick.”

PS: Happy birthday my love.



As always when I go through my files to find inspiration, I noticed a pattern. Something that did not surprised me because I have always been very curious about everything sacred. For me, the most powerful pieces of art (the one who touches the soul and the heart) are often, if not unconditionally, related to the Sacred. Of course in history, sacred has to do with religion, because religions are an endless source of creativity. Yet for me, all things powerful, beautiful, beyond greatness, beyond human understanding, that can reach the bottom of our heart and our deepest feelings, are sacred. Nature is sacred. Music can be sacred. Art, as a part of nature, is sacred. 

The pattern I was talking about is the following one: Halos, also known as aureoles, nimbus, glories, or glorioles. I do not want by any means to give you an history class so let’s read what wikipedia has to say.

A halo is a ring of light that surrounds a person in art. They have been used in the iconography of many religions to indicate holy or sacred figures, and have at various periods also been used in images of rulers or heroes. In the sacred art of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, among other religions, sacred persons may be depicted with a halo in the form of a circular glow, or in Asian art flames, around the head, or around the whole body, this last often called a mandorla. Halos may be shown as almost any colour, but as they represent light are most often depicted as golden, yellow, white, or red when flames are depicted.

In this post, it does not matter whether you believe in God/gods or not. I am only sharing my favorites “Halo” pictures (not referring to a Beyonce’s song, although it certainly is her best one.)










Images: Sandro Botticelli, Unkown “Ecce ancilla domini”, Icons XVIIth, Elisabeth Sonrel, Abbot Handerson Tayor, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Gabriel Wüger, Eric Gill, Lauren Celiwin, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Surachai Saengsuwan, Thea Lewis, Cameo The Lable, Marco D’amico, Rookie mag, Natalie Foss, Takato Yamamoto. 



Girl’s crush

For a long time, I wondered what “flawless” truly meant. Then I saw Alicia Vikander. The swedish actress has it all : skin (her skin oh my god…), eyes, hair, body, career and… boyfriend. It was so hard to choose only a few pictures because she ALWAYS looks great and perfect. I have got a massive girl’s crush (the strongest since Gemma Ward many years ago) thanks to her and her beauty. Notice that at only 26, she played in Anna Karenina and was with Mads Mikkelsen in Royal Affair. Epic.

Vikander Vik VikI Ragdoll Ragdoll2 NewKnd



Links Dazed & Confused, Pinterest, Ragdoll, Mark Homa for V magazine, Mail Online.

Peaceful nightmares

“London College of Fashion has just announced Warpaint: Alexander McQueen and Make-Up, which will explore the late designer’s spectacular approach to catwalk beauty. And in the true spirit of McQueen’s innovative genius, it’ll also include a little bit of technical wizardry with the inclusion of some augmented reality.”

Alexander McQueen did great things. When you look at these pictures, you see so many things, not just clothes and pretty girls. He sure is an inspiration.


Warpaint opens on April 30 and runs till August 7 at the Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion. Via Dazeddigital,

Sundays are made for beauty

Just wanted to share some beautiful human creations.

I-) Haute couture : my favorite makeup.

Chanel, Fall 2012. Globale creative director: Peter Philips.



Dolce & Gabbana, Fall-Winter 2013-2014. From an idea of Pat McGrath.



Prabal Gurung, Fall 2012. By MAC lead makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.




Bottega Veneta, Spring 2013. (could not find any artist name behind this gorgeous natural makeup…)




II-) Two shots from the Vogue September 2013 issue.

To see more:



III-) Amazing work by dutch artist Margriet Smulders.

Mcloud1 Mcloud9 Mcloud12 Mcloud13 Mcloud2 Mcloud7 Mcloud10 Mcloud15

IV-) A Birdcage table by Gregoire De Lafforest.


V-) David Gilmour singing “Je crois entendre encore” composed by Georges Bizet (1838-1875)

Miroslava: so fresh & so clean

I know. I know every fashion blog has a post about the russian style guru Miroslava Duma but I think she deserves this attention. Isn’t she lovely?


Her style is always very calculated ; she likes to play with texture, differences of structure, add strong pieces (a funny necklace, a big belt, an original pattern) but it almost never is “too much” for the simple reason that this woman (or her personal stylist) has great taste. She is one of these girl who can wear anything and look stunning, don’t know how, don’t know why. Or maybe is it because of her perfect young looking face and her fine figure? She is more than pretty, no doubt about it.


Generally, her make up is glowy, natural, focus on her big and long black lashes, with nude lips and pinky cheeks. Sometimes, she will wear a dark red lipstick and with a face like hers, it is just as georgeous as the casual makeup she usually wears. And oh heaven, look at these freckles! So adorable!


A mature woman caught in the body of a teenage girl, that is what she is. Perfection you say? I guess she is, regarding of her inspiring carreer (she is currently the Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor)  and radiant personal life.  Some women are just too good to be true, and we are not even jealous of them. Well… almost not.


And what a mischievous smile. How refreshing!


Girl’s crush

Karlie Kloss might be only 21, she is more than a girl: she is a woman. This american model is a real beauty and a cameleon. Her body is a marble human sculpture : sportiv yet full of grace, strong with a touch of fragitility ; it is almost indecent. Her face is fascinating. She looks like an obstinate doll with her strong attitude. Add to that, she has got a mysterious smile, two blue almond eyes surrounded by happy eyebrows and her skin is absolutely delicious. Here are some pictures of Karlie. Enjoy.




Pictures 2-3-4 by Mario Testino.