Today is about sharing some stuff I really really love. Enjoy!

  • First of all, please please watch these beautiful videos by Alexandra Levasseur, an artist from Canada. I love it so much I want the world to see it, it is so beautiful and full of poetry and captivating. Her paintings are georgous too but her videos are unrivaled.


  • Alexandra Muravey is an artist and graphic designer from Russia. She posted a project on behance called “Simple Pictures” in three parts and it is absolutely beautiful. Here is a selection of her work but I invite you to watch the full project because it is very original and  the colors are incredible.




  • Finally, a few paintings by Sul-Jee Scully. Born in Seoul and currently living in Indiana, you might have seen her work before but I could not resist. I discovered her a few days ago and I am so glad I did.



After reading a text by Paul Lafargue, I was inspired to create a book.

This book is in french but I did find an english version of the text if you are interested: The Woman Question (1904).

Page setting, illustrations, montage/seam by me.


As Capitalism has not snatched woman from the domestic hearth and launched her into social production to emancipate her, but to exploit her more ferociously than man, so it has been careful not to overthrow the economic, legal, political and moral barriers which had been raised to seclude her in the marital dwelling. Woman, exploited by capital, endures the miseries of the free laborer and bears in addition her chains of the past. Her economic misery is aggravated; instead of being supported by her father or husband, to whose rule she still submits, she is obliged to earn her living; and under the pretext that she has fewer necessities than man, her labor is paid less; and when her daily toil in the shop, the office or school is ended, her labor in the household begins. Motherhood, the sacred, the highest of social functions, becomes in capitalistic society a cause of horrible misery, economic and physiologic. The social and economic condition of woman is a danger for the reproduction of the species.

What keeps me awake at night


  • Food. Sometimes when I eat too much food after 7 pm, I can have trouble sleeping. I would feel heavy and queasy. Drinking water or doing some yoga is not very helpful so I just wait and promess myself not to eat that late again. Also sometimes, if a delicious cake is standing right in the next room, I might think of it (not in purpose though) and might wake up to eventually eat a piece of it. So yes generally, food keeps me awake at night.
  • Good series. They came up with an expression that describes this guilty pleasure: “binge watching”. Although I read somewhere that there is no such a thing as a “guilty pleasure”. If it makes you happy, then do it. I did it a few times I admit.
  • A good book. Like good series, a good book can have all my attention until I finish it. It will keep me awake at night but also will disturb me during the day because all my feelings will be linked to it. My main focus will be on the books characters instead on real people, but at the end of it I will have learned lots of stuff about human nature. Then, everything is back in order and I “wake up”, in a manner of speaking.
  • Songs. When I discover a band or a singer that blows my mind, I can spend the night listening to it. Recently, I have spent the whole night listening to Princess Chelseas songs. Again. And again.
  • Pain. Of course, physical pain will keep you awake. Even if you take pills that could kill an elephant. However, you might never wake up.
  • The Internet. That thing is crazy. TOO MANY STUFF TOO MANY PEOPLE.
  • Noises. Neighbours. Streets noises. A baby crying. Whatever. It drives me insane.
  • Drawing/Painting/Writing. I must confess it is never easy to start but when I do start to create, I lose the sense of time and I can spend days & nights & days making stuff. I always end up fulfilled, proud and full of joy so I wonder why it took me so long to get back to work.
  • Love. The best part. Being awake at night because of the love one is probably the best thing in the entire world and I would rather have no sleep at all than not living these precious moments.

…And of course, like anybody else, my insecurities. How is it going to be tomorrow? Will I ever find peace with myself? What did I do wrong? Do I have to rethink my life? Why am I here? Where am I going? Should I wake up early to buy some bread? Should I stay in bed? Why did I say that instead of that? And so on.



Well, Pinterest can be quite useful when it comes to discover a few treasures.

  • “Born in 1975 in Bartoszyce, Poland and currently residing in Krakow, Franz Falckenhaus studied and graduated with a degree in Information Technology and Computer related Studies. Although he never had any formal training in the arts, Franz always had an interest in photography, film, and collage. His collage works are always composed from selected vintage illustrations and images mixed with found paper materials. He skillfully combines self-made elements such as: backgrounds, shadows, and drawings with cleverly chosen photos to assemble them all together into art. Franz’s style obviously shows recognition of his interest and passion with vintage aesthetics. His subject matter contains a sense of humor and a certain nostalgic feel as well. Being a self-taught collage artist, he sees things a little differently.”

Franz-Falckenhaus FFI FFII FFIII FFV

His website http://cargocollective.com/franzfalckenhaus

  • “When I was little I used to dream about being a dancer or that I could fly and that I would learn to speak the language of the animals in the forest or that of the most dramatic actor. With the click of a finger I’ve found a way to make these things come true.”

Artist Jessica Tremp makes her dreams come true with these amazing photos made of girls, prints, flowers and subtle delight. So refreshing and poetic.


Her website http://www.jessicatremp.com

  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh (7 June 1868 – 10 December 1928) was a Scottish architect, designer, water colourist and artist. He was a designer in the post impressionist movement and also the main representative of Art Nouveau in the United Kingdom. He had considerable influence on European design.