Gif Clemsy

They have no face but one true identity.


Dorris Vooijs, Tina Berning, Paloma Wool, Francisco Leonardo, Ernesto Artillo, Blair McLaughlin, Cristiana Couceiro, Rebecka Tollens, Juliette Lemontey, Steve Kim and perso. 



After reading a text by Paul Lafargue, I was inspired to create a book.

This book is in french but I did find an english version of the text if you are interested: The Woman Question (1904).

Page setting, illustrations, montage/seam by me.


As Capitalism has not snatched woman from the domestic hearth and launched her into social production to emancipate her, but to exploit her more ferociously than man, so it has been careful not to overthrow the economic, legal, political and moral barriers which had been raised to seclude her in the marital dwelling. Woman, exploited by capital, endures the miseries of the free laborer and bears in addition her chains of the past. Her economic misery is aggravated; instead of being supported by her father or husband, to whose rule she still submits, she is obliged to earn her living; and under the pretext that she has fewer necessities than man, her labor is paid less; and when her daily toil in the shop, the office or school is ended, her labor in the household begins. Motherhood, the sacred, the highest of social functions, becomes in capitalistic society a cause of horrible misery, economic and physiologic. The social and economic condition of woman is a danger for the reproduction of the species.