This August with my sister Victoire, we had the chance to exhibit some of our work in an old “lavoir” (washing place), which is a beautiful and very unique place. My sister (Instagram @vikyjune) is a young photographer. She also makes little notebooks and lovely things. I am very proud of her and also of me because it is my first real “adult” exhibition.


photos B. Junot


Pregnancy in January


Pensive girls, abstract & landscapes



1) Cathy Cullis 2) Xuan Loc Xuan, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 3) John William Goodward, Curlowe 4) Charles Wilkin, Mouni Feddag 5) Carl Wilhelmson, Misato Suzuki 6) Devon Aoki by Mario Sorrenti, Petra Collins 7) George Spencer Watson, Antra Svarcs 8) Photo of Jane Burden Morris, Monica Barengo 9) Olga by Picasso, Bertha Lum 10) Fairfield Porter (& last painting), Anne-Sophie Tschiegg. 


Today is about sharing some stuff I really really love. Enjoy!

  • First of all, please please watch these beautiful videos by Alexandra Levasseur, an artist from Canada. I love it so much I want the world to see it, it is so beautiful and full of poetry and captivating. Her paintings are georgous too but her videos are unrivaled.


  • Alexandra Muravey is an artist and graphic designer from Russia. She posted a project on behance called “Simple Pictures” in three parts and it is absolutely beautiful. Here is a selection of her work but I invite you to watch the full project because it is very original and  the colors are incredible.




  • Finally, a few paintings by Sul-Jee Scully. Born in Seoul and currently living in Indiana, you might have seen her work before but I could not resist. I discovered her a few days ago and I am so glad I did.