Hot Sugar

Hot Sugar (aka Nick Koenig)‘s music is not as sweet as his name although there is some fruity feeling coming out of it. It seems that my English is too poor to express what I feel like when I listen to it because it is a full experience where the five senses are summoned.

In a 2015 interview with NPR, he described associative music as “try[ing] to capture sounds the same way a photographer would capture an image: If something looks poetic, I’ll record it”

So much beauty to see, to hear, to touch (synesthesia involved.) So many colors, explosions of joy, of sadness, of vulnerability, of power; it’s insanely well composed and authentic. I could not choose one song. Sit down or and just listen to the whole albums God’s Hand (2015) & The Melody of Dust (2017). 


Here are a few comments I found under his youtube videos :

“this makes me feel a deep unsettling happiness like falling forever into a purple ocean”

“this makes me think of what kind of music stars would make and a warm night on a beach with a lover”

“this makes me cry. why though?”

“painting with watercolours to this right now feels like the droplets of pigment are absorbing a little bit of this musical masterpiece”

“I’m dreaming ? Or this album is 2 good for this world ?”

“This just changed my life… again.”


You see, the internet can be a happy, genuine, benevolent, lovely place when, in a middle of nowhere, something really beautiful and powerful pops out. Thank you Hot Sugar for your contribution to make the world a better place.

Please, give me another cup of Hot Sugar.