Girls crushes

Short hair don’t care

Three girls with short hair.

  • Zoe Elise Bullock alias @zeliseb. I do not have a lot of informations about this girl. I found her on Instagram. She is very beautiful with a unique style and a face you won’t forget.



Zoe Elise Bullock

  • Pasha Harulia. A eighteen years old model from Ukraine, becoming more and more famous. No need to ask why: just look at her.

for Zara


for Zara


by Chloe Le Drezen

minsk studio

Minsk Studio



  • Victoire alias @vikyjune, a fifteen years old girl in high school, dreaming about becoming a photographer.






Girl’s crush

This crush is a special one as we are going back in time.

Back in 2002, R’n’B was really cool and was the most popular type of music: Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Usher, R. Kelly and of course Aaliyah (whom died in 2001 without me knowing her existence until then) were huge. Justin Timberlake also released the song “Cry Me A River” in 2002, big time. Timbaland was a big deal. I am just drawing a little background here, to help you visualize in what kind of world we were living. 

So we are in 2002, I am thirteen years old and I just moved in another high school. I am meeting some awesome friends. One of them totally is a R’n’B fan (and loves Michael Jackson too). Soon I followed her into this parallel and new Universe, as I was just listening to old french singers, classical music, piano and a bit of world or pop music.

One day, I am hearing Fallin, from Alicia Keys. And I see a picture of her. And a clip.



Let me tell you I completely fell for her (didn’t we all?): her face was everthing I liked and she was just too cool, too beautiful with these braids and her piano. The song was great, with her soft yet powerful voice and this awesome voice choir. And the piano.

Photo of Alicia KEYS




Afterwards, I never really became a big fan (I did like her collaborations with E.V.E, another cool girl) although I have to say she is a great singer. 

But I never forgot her face and this song, Fallin

Today I saw this picture on the internet (she is releasing a new album), which reminded me how beautiful she was – and still is


Girl’s crush

For a long time, I wondered what “flawless” truly meant. Then I saw Alicia Vikander. The swedish actress has it all : skin (her skin oh my god…), eyes, hair, body, career and… boyfriend. It was so hard to choose only a few pictures because she ALWAYS looks great and perfect. I have got a massive girl’s crush (the strongest since Gemma Ward many years ago) thanks to her and her beauty. Notice that at only 26, she played in Anna Karenina and was with Mads Mikkelsen in Royal Affair. Epic.

Vikander Vik VikI Ragdoll Ragdoll2 NewKnd



Links Dazed & Confused, Pinterest, Ragdoll, Mark Homa for V magazine, Mail Online.

Miroslava: so fresh & so clean

I know. I know every fashion blog has a post about the russian style guru Miroslava Duma but I think she deserves this attention. Isn’t she lovely?


Her style is always very calculated ; she likes to play with texture, differences of structure, add strong pieces (a funny necklace, a big belt, an original pattern) but it almost never is “too much” for the simple reason that this woman (or her personal stylist) has great taste. She is one of these girl who can wear anything and look stunning, don’t know how, don’t know why. Or maybe is it because of her perfect young looking face and her fine figure? She is more than pretty, no doubt about it.


Generally, her make up is glowy, natural, focus on her big and long black lashes, with nude lips and pinky cheeks. Sometimes, she will wear a dark red lipstick and with a face like hers, it is just as georgeous as the casual makeup she usually wears. And oh heaven, look at these freckles! So adorable!


A mature woman caught in the body of a teenage girl, that is what she is. Perfection you say? I guess she is, regarding of her inspiring carreer (she is currently the Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor)  and radiant personal life.  Some women are just too good to be true, and we are not even jealous of them. Well… almost not.


And what a mischievous smile. How refreshing!


Girl’s crush

Karlie Kloss might be only 21, she is more than a girl: she is a woman. This american model is a real beauty and a cameleon. Her body is a marble human sculpture : sportiv yet full of grace, strong with a touch of fragitility ; it is almost indecent. Her face is fascinating. She looks like an obstinate doll with her strong attitude. Add to that, she has got a mysterious smile, two blue almond eyes surrounded by happy eyebrows and her skin is absolutely delicious. Here are some pictures of Karlie. Enjoy.




Pictures 2-3-4 by Mario Testino.