Blue & Cold

Back from a one month trip in Thailand where it was nice and sunny (sometimes hot as heck), I am feeling a bit cold if not sad here in France, although the temperatures are quite warm for the season. Instead of fooling myself by pretending I am still doing Tai Chi/Yoga on the beach or swimming in a turquoise blue water, I need to get back to reality. Enjoying winter. The blue and the cold.

What is better than art to do so?

These poetic and calming drawings by Cendrine Rovini.

Cendrine-Rovini Cendrine-Rovini2 Cendrine-Rovini3

The new movie of Alejandro González Iñárritu, The Revenant, will help you appreciating winter, the cold, the snow, the sound of the wind in the trees. I loved it and I think it is the prefect winter movie, to watch alone or with your wonderful boyfriend/girlfriend.





My own flying fish video.

Merry Christmas: Fish flying in the sky.



The art of Angela Brookes, a british artist.

Her preferred print techniques are etching, using mostly soft-ground, aquatint and spit-bite, often with two separate coloured plates, and she is currently working with dry-point in conjunction with carborundum, and with dry point and mono print. Here the drawing and inking can be more direct, allowing a looser, more expressive quality to her prints. She keeps her print editions small, often only 10, and likes to vary the wiping on the plates, hence ‘ev’, edition varies, and ‘unique print’.







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