Xavier anyways


Look at that pretty face. Look further: there is a smart, talented and burning brain coming out of it. If you have never heard of Xavier Dolan, you are missing one of the most talented filmmaker of the new generation (yes I am not afraid to say it!). This young canadian born in Montreal makes movies like nobody else: his vision of the world and his sense of aesthetic are absolutely incredible. He already made three movies (J’ai tué ma mère at the age of eighteen and Les Amours imaginaires): the main official subject might be love but it is way more than that. Once you have seen one of his movie, there is no way you are not going to watch the two others! It is addicted.

His last movie Laurence Anyways, probably the most mature and complete, will get stuck in your head way longer after you watched it. Moreover, Xavier Dolan seems to have great taste in literature, art, and music: what more can we ask for? A new movie? Wait, it is happening! We all are so excited about his new project but will have to wait until mars 2014 (at least in France) to see Tom à la ferme, presented as a “psychologic thriller”. It is good to know that he is exploring new possibilities and taking risks. Watch out, the best is yet to come.



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